Special report on goddess festival in nanjing

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    On March 5, 2017, the trade union of nanjing weier chemical co., LTD., in order to celebrate the upcoming "March 8 international womens day" and care for the physical and mental health of weier female employees, organized all female employees of the company to go to "niushoushan" in jiangning, nanjing for a one-day visit. Around 8 am, more than 60 female workers have already gathered in the morning light. Under the leadership of the company and the trade union, they took the tour bus happily and went to the famous buddhist holy land "niushoushan" for sightseeing.

    Niushou mountain is located in jiangning district, nanjiao scenic area, nanjing city. It is named after the prominent double peaks facing each other like niutou and double horns. It is also known as niutou mountain in folk. Due to its natural beauty, it has been praised as "the head of spring cattle". The profound culture is the place where yue fei fought against the gold and where zheng he was laid to rest. Buddhist zen culture has a long history. It is the starting place and birthplace of Chinese zen. As a major cultural project during the 12th five-year plan (2011-2015) period in nanjing city, the niushoushan ruins park has built three major scenic spots of "ecology, culture and leisure" on the basis of exploring ecological resources, cultural resources and tourism resources with the "long-term veneration of the worlds highest holy relic of Buddhism -- buddhist roof shayi".


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